Indian Peel Butter With Spices


Renovating body butter for a soft exfoliating, hydrating and balancing effect. Stimulates the senses to relax the mind while renewing the skin.



Sesame, jojoba and turmeric give this peeling cream the benefit and power of the Ayurveda world. One of the oldest healing practices in the world. “Ayurveda” combines the Sanskrit, Ayur, meaning life and Veda, meaning science or knowledge. Its key principals are interconnectedness among people, their health and the universe, the body’s constitution and life forces. Experience feelings of relaxation and wellbeing with this invigorating and hydrating Indian body treatment.


Sesame – Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, nourishing, antioxidant, promote skin’s softness

Indian Saffron – Antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, healing, revitalise, stimulate the blood flow

Jojoba – Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, soothing the irritated skin

Avocado – Nourishing, antioxidant

Beeswax – Calm, sooth and soften the skin


Apply the product to the area to be treated and use circular massage movements to complete removal of the dead cells and toxins. Rinse with plenty of water or shower.


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