Butt Lift

The appeal for a more curvaceous and larger buttocks is a very common style today. Brazilian butt lifts; butt augmentation and fat grafting have been accepted and common procedures for some time. Targeted squats and exercises have been helpful in some women to build up their backside. For others especially skinny women without excess fat deposit it has been impossible to achieve a naturally curvaceous backside through fat transfer or gluteal focused exercise. A non-invasive safe procedure like the Sculptra Butt Lift is a solution for those women.

What is the Sculptra Butt Lift?

The Sculptra Butt Lift is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure which aims to rejuvenate and lift the buttocks with added volume. Sculptra plumps the buttocks by stimulating the body’s natural processes to replace lost collagen and provide a lasting result.

Prior to the procedure, your doctor will decide on the areas of your buttocks to contour and shape using the Sculptra filler. The doctor will mark these areas and then apply a topical anaesthetic prior to beginning the filler injections. The procedure is quick and only lasts around 30 minutes. During the procedure, your doctor will inject the Sculptra filler into the carefully chosen areas of your buttocks.

The Sculptra Butt Lift Can Treat:

  • Flat or saggy appearance
  • The desire for a rounder, more curvaceous buttocks
  • Smoothing out dimples
  • Restoring lost volume

During your consultation your doctor will decide if you are a candidate for the Sculptra Butt Lift.  Typically, most patients are good candidates if they are in good health and have realistic expectations.


While procedures like the Brazilian Butt Lift require around one to two weeks of downtime and after-care, a Sculptra Butt Lift results in almost zero downtime. You are able to return to work or your daily activities within a day, and your exercise regimen in about three days.