Eye Bags Recovery Gel


Decongest the eye areas with a gel that will help reduce signs of fatigue around the eyes, while softening the appearance of bags. This must have men’s eye gel will leave your eye area calm and refreshed.



At Skeyndor we don’t take shortcuts, the water alone used in this product has been sourced from Swiss Glaciers. The active ingredients featured will help reduce stress and maintain an optimum amount of moisture. Containing powerful Amino Acids that will help repair the skin, Collagen to increase elasticity & Liposomes that encapsulate our ingredients making sure these powerful agents get to deepest layers of your skin.


Vitamin C – Greater cell absorption, actives cell metabolism, antioxidant, reduces cell damage by UV rays, inhibit melanin production.

Thermal Water – Contains Magnesium and more than 25 trace elements and minerals. Rebalances and remineralises the skin.

Collagen – Hydrates and increases elasticity in the skin as well as stimulate the new collagen production.

Amino Acids – Intense moisturising, hydrating and repairing the skin.

Oat Kernel Extract – Anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and soothing properties.


Apply the product with a soft massage from inwards to outwards, paying particular attention to under the eye area.


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