Delicate Cleansing Milk



This delicate cleansing milk is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types. It cleanses and purifies the skin, without any irritation or redness, this Skeyndor cleansing favourite is perfect as your daily cleanser or part of your morning/ evening skin routine.



This complex treatment formula helps to purify and support your skin’s natural barrier function by restoring the acidic ph level of the skin in an efficient way without causing redness or irritations. Contains pre-biotic oligosaccharides, which are beneficial for the cutaneous flora. Also formulated exclusively with Thermal Water from the Salies-De-Bearn Spring.


Pre-biotic Oligosaccharides – Help to rebalance the skin’s pH and protects against the invasion of harmful microorganisms that can damage the skin.

Pumpkin Extract – Containing one of the highest concentration of Vit A, an active antioxidant that helps cells from properly giving the skin structural integrity. As well it contains amino acid to help reduce redness and irritation.

Plant Extract – Plant extracts for the cosmetic treatment of redness and couperosis.

Fennel – Detoxifying effect, Has inflammatory and antimicrobial properties.

Thermal Water Concentrate – Contains Magnesium and more than 25 trace elements and minerals. Rebalances and remineralises the skin.


Apply a thin layer of milk to the face and neck with a gentle massage until skin is thoroughly cleansed. Remove product with water, or alternatively, a cotton pad sprayed Thermal Concentrate Water. Repeat these steps if removing makeup.


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