Cooling Eye Contour & Eyelashes Gel


The ultimate multi-tasking eye gel that helps lift eyelids, plump out fine lines, wrinkles, diminishes bags and dark circles, plus, helps boosts eyelash and brow growth.



The award-winning, specially designed cooling metal tip applicator is used to apply the product whilst massaging the area, circulation is increased, helping to reduce dark circles and puffiness.


Hyaluronic Acid – Dehydrated hyaluronic acid microspheres of biotechnological origin. When in contact with water of the skin, it retains moisture and multiplies, reaching up to 30 times their normal size due to a “wrinkle filling effect” from the epidermis.

Biotin-GHK – A molecular fusion of vitamin (biotin) and a tripeptide. Favours the proliferation of keratinocytes in the hair follicle and ensures optimum anchoring of the hair, stimulating the synthesis and organisation of laminin 5 and IV collagen adhesion molecules IV.

Silk Tree and Darutoside – Persian silk tree reduces the signs of fatigue and Darutoside which is extracted from the herb Siegesbeckia Orientalis improves the dermis structure. The combination protects, strengthens and improves the properties of the dermis. It also prevents drooping lids by reinforcing the delicate microvascular network and stimulating the toxin elimination systems


Mode Application on eye contour – Tap small doses of product on eyelids and bags under the eyes, use applicator to gently move it around your eye contour and crow’s feet with small circular movements, perform pressure points upon eye contour and gently massage with fingertips until cream is completely absorbed. Mode of application on eyelashes – Put a small dose of cream on your fingertips, close your eyes and apply on eyelid line and gently massage performing a raising curved movement towards the eyelash.


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