Caresse Body Serum with Orchid & Wild Rose Extract


The Caresse Body Moisturiser has perfectly harmonised red flowers chosen for their purifying, rebalancing and moisturising abilities.



A moisturising body serum that delicately looks after, re-balances and perfumes your skin. Formulated with a selection of red flower extract (orchid, ylang-ylang, wild rose and poppy) with purifying abilities. Its innovative texture combines the lightness and comfort of the most sophisticated body serums with the moisturising and utmost care of treatment creams, thus adjusting to your skin’s needs.


Orchid extracts – Antioxidant, moisturises, soothes and conditions the skin

Ylang Ylang – This flower has a happy, sensual aroma that stimulates and tones

Wild rose – Purify, sooth and soften the skin

Poppy – Antioxidant, calm nervousness, anxiety or depression


Use every day after shower or bath. Apply a thin layer of the emulsion and work into the skin with a soft massage.


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