Breast Augmentation – B.A.M Mastopexy


Commonly known as a “boob job” enlarges breasts using special implants. The implants are inserted through a small, discreet incision. They most often placed behind the patient’s chest muscle or actual breast tissue.
This procedure is used to enhance the breasts of patients who have a diminutive bust line, or have lost breast size due to illness, accident, age, or other natural actions. Breast enlargement should not be undertaken until patient’s breasts are fully developed. The implants are a saline ( salt-water) implant that features a thin silicone covering, The implants are inserted under the skin through incisions near the areola area, under the bottom crease of the breast, through the umbilicus (belly button) or through the patients under-arm area.
Breast implants are considered “mechanical devices” and so are deemed temporary. As a temporary device, it is assumed that implants will be exchanged at least once during your life. There is no information that points to implants causing breast cancer, but it makes mass detection more difficult even with a mammogram. While there is no scientific information proving a relationship between breast implants and autoimmune disease, there have been cases reported after silicone breast augmentation. The saline implants come in several shapes and textures, but none of them will elevate the bust line, or change the position of the nipple. For these changes, you must have an Additional procedure. Breast lifts can be carried out in combination with breast augmentation to correct sagging breasts or drooping nipples.


After you have made the decision to undergo breast enlargement, you must decide on a size that is right for you. Look around at women of your stature and shape. Look through magazines and watch adverts. Once you decide on a shape and size that you feel will flatter you, you surgeon has an idea of implant size. Unlike bras, Implants are not in size A, B, C, or D. Your new bust size is a measurement of what you started with, plus the volume of the implant. Immediately following surgery, your breast will appear larger due to swelling. The size will diminish slightly as swelling goes down. The most common quote heard after surgery is, “I should have made them bigger.”


  • Patients in good shape physically with no mental issues
  • Patients who have small breasts or diminished breasts with loose skin.
  • Patient’s breasts are fully developed and have no breast diseases.
  • Patients with normal shaped breasts.


As with any types of surgery, there are risks and complications associated with this procedure. BAM has a very low incidence of problems, and most clients are extremely happy. Always discuss these and any other issues that might concern you with your doctor at the time of consultation. Some possible side effects could be infection, scarring or over hardening, skin wrinkling, calcification, clogged veins, breast deformation, and problems with the implants, changes in sensation, uneven size or shape or pain or any complications related to anesthesia.